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CAD/CAM Support and Training Services

In these times of e-commerce, with turnarounds accelerating every year, you need to keep up with the current technologies. We are committed to give you the initial guidance to get your company off to a profitable start. Our industry-trained staff at CAD/CAM CONSULTING SERVICES INC. is available for comprehensive training services and support programs.


We offer a variety of hands-on training and responsive technical support programs to suit small to large companies using Mastercam and other design and manufacturing software. Our annual technical support and maintenance options provide an in-depth response via phone, via email, or with an appointment at a convenient CCCS facility.

Our Technical Support team is available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Give us a call at (805) 375-7676 or (714) 333-9020. You can also email us at

We are pleased to offer GoToMeeting as a value-added solution to meet your technical support needs. We have the ability to gain access to your computer to quickly and efficiently resolve your technical support issues. Please have the following information available to provide to the Technical Support Team:


  • Company and Contact Information – Phone and Email
  • Product Type and Version
  • Product SIM Number
  • Hardware/OS Information (i.e. RAM, OS Version and Type, Network Type, etc.)
  • CNC Machine and Controller
  • Computer Hardware, Including CPU, Processor, and Memory

Additionally, we ask that you provide a detailed description of the technical issue that you are experiencing. You are welcome to provide screenshots to show the issue that you are experiencing. Tools that can be used to capture and annotate an image include SnagIt or Microsoft Paint. To do so, use Alt-Print Screen and paste the results into a paint program.

It may help that you attempt to duplicate the problem prior to contacting Technical Support. We may ask you to duplicate the problem while you are on the phone, provide NCI files, and any additional information that may be related to your problem.


*In-person training is currently suspended due to Covid-19*

Training classes are condensed, fast-paced courses that allow programmers to get maximum content in the shortest amount of time. Class size is dedicated toward 9-10 students, with one computer per person. Instruction is primarily hands-on focusing on the operation of the software, efficient methods, trial and error tool design, and simulation of tool path cutting to graphically represent what tool cuts look like.  Classes are held at CCCS’ locations in Newbury Park, California, and Anaheim, California.

Online and on-site technical support and training is also available through GoToMeeting, Web Seminars, camInstructor, C-Learning, and Mastercam Certification. More than 75 percent of our Mastercam users make regular use of our high-quality training facilities and outstanding technical support. Prospective customers and current users also benefit from our expanding schedule of User Seminars, breakout classes, and new product rollouts. CCCS now offers informative seminars throughout the year on new manufacturing engineering topics.
The classes we offer to train our customers on Mastercam programs include the following:

C-learning offers instructor moderated online training to anyone looking to begin a career in CNC programming, or to current Mastercam users with the desire to sharpen their job skills. Several courses are available which cover many areas of the Mastercam product. If you would like more information about our training, please fill out the form below:

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