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Westec 2017

September 15, 2017

Most of our staff was out of the office this week attending Westec 2017. We were assisting the Sales and Marketing team from CNC Software in staffing one of the two Mastercam booths at the West Coast’s largest manufacturing trade show. If we saw you there, thanks for attending! If we didn’t, then catch us at our next big trade show, the 2018 Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show in Anaheim, CA. Overall, it was a good show for the CCCS staff. We had a regular flow of visitors to the booth where our staff was able to interact with those of you who visited, sometimes by demonstrating the software or working through a problem in search of a solution. Also, thank you for your patience to any of our customers who called in need of technical support since all of our technical support staff was manning the booth. John, David, and the rest are back in the office today working through your issues.

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