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Why Maintenance

September 15, 2020


An economical solution to maximize your productivity.
Mastercam Maintenance provides you with valuable features and benefits to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment. Maintenance customers always have access to the latest technology available and are first to receive the latest software and updates from Mastercam.

This access translates to numerous opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains.
With each major release — and all the updates in between — Mastercam empowers machinists, programmers, and engineers to work faster and be more productive. When your machines run efficiently and your cutting tools last longer, you improve your options to make more money.

The value of staying up to date with Mastercam is substantial:
Savings Example: If you increase tool life by 20% with an advanced toolpath, and one job uses 15 endmills at $100 each, you could save $300 alone on that one job!
•Recent Maintenance releases have introduced toolpath enhancements that reduce cycle time and improve surface finish.

Savings Example: It costs more to purchase updates than to become a Maintenance customer, so you can save money and stay current with Mastercam.
•Maintenance also allows you to budget for a recurring expense to avoid a surprise expenditure when the need to update becomes inevitable.

•Your potential savings — through tooling and machine improvements alone — far outweigh the cost of Mastercam Maintenance.

•It is not uncommon to spend more money on tools for a single job than the cost of MastercamMaintenance for an entire year.

•The latest versions of Mastercam include advanced toolpaths that produce less wear and tear on the cutting tools and smoother tool motion that reduces wear on CNC machines.

•Tooling costs often contribute 3-10% to the cost to manufacture.

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